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Nashville Dream...

Jerry Michael is one of Nashville's most elite voice and talent instructors. Jerry's multi-genre professional career has led him to work directly with several of the most legendary artists on the planet.

© 2023 by Jerry Michael Entertainment  



• Am I talented enough to pursue a career in music?

• Can I delegate authority without offending anyone?

• Do I attract attention when I sing or play?

• Can I remain patient during crucial times?

• Can I get along with others working under pressure? 

• Can I take constructive criticism?

• Do I participate in group activities or events well? 

• Can I mentally handle stressful situations involving music?

• In this competitive world can I maintain a positive attitude?


• Will I dedicate time and effort to do what's necessary?


*All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 by Jerry Michael Entertainment  *All Rights Reserved.

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